Why Paint Media Group?

Better Positioned

It’s not often opportunities come along to push the boundaries of our industry towards a welcoming change. It is also not often a cutting-edge company such as Paint Media Group, with our leadership and steady growth, can pause to look critically at the market, the available technology, and the services we provide.

Together, you are better positioned than you think.


Think synergy.

Designed to compliment brands beautifully, Paint Media Group is responsible for the industry’s most valuable and credible source for the largest buyers of paints, primers, and paint related products. This year the Jack Pauhl painting platform reached over 8 million views. That statement, however, says little about who we are, what we do, why we do what we do, or how we can serve you best. So earlier this year we embarked on an effort to position ourselves to be more available to you as strategic advisors on the front-end of projects, discuss what makes brands so incredibly unique, and share the values we all have in common to connect brands with people. In the process, we learned an equal amount about ourselves and our audience, and we continually make changes to reflect that new clarity.


Thought Leaders

One of the clearest discoveries we’ve witnessed repeatedly over the past 25 years is that the one word to describe us best is ‘pioneers.’ It’s not enough to be good at what we do to warrant a distinction in our industry. We go after what we really love, we clear the path for our own course, and promote change and create something (often from nothing) that usually makes the paint world a better place. Whether its fast-failing a particular idea, identifying and interpreting the constraints on products, or studying the intricacies of applied coatings in relation to how people paint — we work as restless disrupters where others don’t. We know how to fast fail to make our thoughts and ideas a pragmatic reality. That’s ambition, it breeds innovation, it’s disruptive capable, and it’s worth every ounce of energy we put into it.


Solutions First

We signed up for a difficult task. We know that — as pioneers, no task of ours is ever easy. Keeping our sights on countless products and formula changes across multiple brands is no easy feat. We’ve always been there to help people succeed at painting, and help brands understand how people paint, how products perform in real-life, and we’re making it even easier now with tools better positioned to fit expanding needs. When you next visit  [JackPauhl.com] you’ll notice that we’ve streamlined the site, making everything from search to content easier and more intuitive. We’ve also made improvements in our most popular products like Painthacker magazine, Jack Pauhl Guides, and PROPreviews. With the advent of the Internet and social media, we have the power to create, shape, and share your brands voice like never before. Providing new services will make it easier for brands to share their digital identity.


Expert Knowledge

As you know, painting is actually quite complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. People often say, “Anyone can paint.” Yet painting is so much more than just slapping on a fresh coat of paint. It’s about offering up the right products with the right systems, in the right place, at the right time. It’s about creating a solution that “just works.” That’s where we come in. Our thought process is clearly defined; understand the needs of the market, then build solutions. A well-defined target audience ensures we build solutions around something people need, or want. Look no further than the 8 millions views for proof it works.

Aiming to craft solutions ensures hitting the target in the market to connect brands with people.


Functional Benefits

We know painting. We believe buying decisions should be easy. We help give brands a voice to help customers make simple buying decisions. Our ability to inspire people to believe in brands is virtually boundless. Where the magic happens is about intuitively answering the right questions on the customer’s mind — before they think of it. As expert painters and extreme users, we understand the buying process and functional benefits of products in our industry. We are familiar with the great feeling when brands connect with us, and we know what it takes to achieve that kind of connection. Our 35-year painting experience helps bridge the gap between brands and the customer while serving to bridge the gap between what customers want, and what companies provide.


Branded With Purpose

Painting is an experience. Connecting with that “experience” is very difficult without having years of experience painting. Insufficient marketing efforts may result in a disconnect between brands and the customer. Remember the time you got lost when someone gave bad directions? Hitting the store shelf with a product based on bad direction or feedback can be devastating to profits. PMG serves as strategic advisors on the front-end of projects whose mission is to connect the enduring set of principles, processes, and buying decisions of the painting trade to brands. Brands are increasingly built by specialists, and specialists can only succeed through collaboration. We build meaningful relationships between forward-thinking brands and do-it-yourself enthusiasts, painters, pros, and experts alike.


Our Focus

Much of our focus while working on the Jack Pauhl platform is identifying, analyzing, and interpreting the constraints on products, or studying the intricacies of applied coatings in relation to how people paint. “Jack Pauhl is chapter one of a much longer, bigger story,” Brian Havanas, PMG’s co-founder, says in a recent talk on the subject of disruptive intent.

“The more we learn about the intricacies of applied coatings, the more we learn about the irrelevancy of other products within the market. I think that’s when I started thinking about how we identify problems, and that the measure of a company is how they address and confront those problems,” he says. He goes on to say, “Negativity is a powerful tool, it can be used to our advantage because people are conditioned to ignore it. Are you ignoring opportunity?”

One thing is certain, our audience wants to know “How the pro’s do it.”

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